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Total Tao Indulgence

Full body massage, facial manicure

and pedicure.                                   £100.00

Facial Treatments


Vitaliser Spa Facial

Tailored to treat individual needs and skin types.Total relaxation includes exfoliation, massage and mask.                 


Algo Facial

Perfect for all occasions, this specific facial soothes, heals,and refreshes the skin with an exceptional glow              


Collagen Treatment

Matricol natural collagen. The definitive hydrating treatment for all skin showing expression lines and signs

of ageing.Plumps out wrinkles, evens skin tone and texture.                                                                                         

Collagen Vitamin C

Vitamin C is required throughout the body in the construction of connective tissue, and protects the skin against

premature ageing. It has a proven ability to smooth fine lines and ensures a smooth and even complexion by

gently lightening the skin.                                                                                                                                               


Can be described as plastic surgery without the plastic or the surgery. Treats fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation

and scarring.


Apilus offers a modern approach to a tried and tested method that is over 100 years

old - advanced technology with proven effectiveness to deliver a more comfortable treatment

with much more rapid results than other electrolysis systems. Thanks to its powerful circuits

entirely controlled by computer, Apilus offers electrologists pinpoint precision and perfect

settings to guarantee the results you seek. The only proven permanent method of hair removal.

Therapeutic Massage


Touch is the most powerful and comforting sense we have.

Massage reduces stress, eases muscle tension and gives an

overall sense of wellbeing.


20 minute shoulder and scalp                                                             

30 minute back,neck and shoulder                                                     

40 minute back,neck and shoulder                                                     

60 minute back,neck and shoulder (optional scalp massage)            

75 minute full body massage including scalp 


Body Treats



Pure indulgence back massage followed by a facial cleanse,

pressure point massage and a mask.includes a hand or foot

massage, you choose.                                                                          


Nourishing Scalp Treatment

A sumptuous oil that nourishes the skin scalp and hair.

Releases tension and nourishes.                                                          

Hand Treats

File and polish                                                                                 


Luxury hand treatment with a nourishing mask includes nail

preparation and polish.                         

Feet Treats

File and polish                                                                                 


Luxury pedicure with hard skin removal and nourishing mask                                                                       

Hopi Ear Candle


Induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and

balance to the ears, forehead and sinuses.

Helpful for earache, headache, ear noise,

stress and nervous tension.             £25.00

Eye Treats

Eyelash tint                                   

Eyebrow tint                                 

Eyelash and brow tint                  

Eyebrow shape                             



Full leg including bikini line             

Full leg bikini and underarm              

1/2 leg wax                                        

1/2 leg and bikini line                         

1/2 leg bikini and underarm               

Bikini wax                                           

Underarm wax                                   

Brazilian wax                                     

Brazilian follow up                             

Back wax                                from   

Lip wax                                              

Chin wax                                            

Eyebrow wax                                      














  1. 5   Mins    £10.00

  2. 10 Mins    £15.00

  3. 15 mins    £18.00

  4. 20 mins    £20.00

  5. 30 mins    £25.00

  6. 60 mins    £40.00

























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